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19-06-2013 23:29:57, Melbourne
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“Service beyond the call”

Was about to give this place an average, as initially the service wasn't great ie. I repeatedly received overtures about a 600 baht taxi ride to Phuket town from the guy at reception. Come on...I know everyone is out to make buck in Thailand but get one of the taxi drivers on the street to make those overtures. Don't cheapen the hotel and insult the intelligence of guests by offering it at reception. That being said, the apartment was almost perfect (bit quick on the trigger regarding charging the mini bar but as mentioned everyone's trying to make a buck). What was outstanding, however, was service beyond the call of duty. Was in a rush to get way and left my mobile phone and charger. The guy at reception (the same guy offering the taxi service) raced up the road on his scooter and handed it to me just before I caught the bus. Would have been screwed without my phone. Can't thank you enough. Recommend the place and will be back.
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