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19-06-2013 23:32:44, Los Angeles, California
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“Excellent value, wonderful staff”

This was my second stay at BYD, and my partner and I chose a Grand Deluxe apartment. As before, the apartment was very clean, stylish and modern with excellent air conditioning and a light, spacious feel. The furniture was all clean, in great shape and comfortable. Additionally, thanks to another reviewer on here, I knew this time to ask for a mattress topper to make the bed somewhat softer, and it was brilliant to sleep on for the full 12-night stay.

Most of what I could say would be repeating what so many have already written - the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, eager to assist and always had a smile for us. You very quickly begin to feel like you're with friends staying at this place.

The linens and towels were incredibly clean and in perfect condition, and the bathroom toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion) were good quality.

The pool on the 4th floor is on the smallish side, but it's perfect for a pleasant cool dip, and is rarely crowded - a very nice way to spend time when you don't want to head to the busy beach.

The food at the restaurant is good quality, and I recommend you book a rate that includes breakfast, as you can choose from some Western, as well as some Thai dishes. Food is quite safe and fresh here.

We will definitely stay here again - the last time I stayed in a Deluxe apartment, which is smaller but also very good value and quite comfortable. If you want a larger, spacious bathroom, go for the Grand Deluxe.

We had no aggressive selling or offers from staff here to buy tours or taxis, and they even went out of the way to try and find some good restaurants online for us. You won't see taxi drivers lurking outside waiting to harass you into using their services, and you'll find the location is a very welcome, quiet spot tucked into the center of the action. Nighttime is very quiet usually, and we had no problems sleeping.
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