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04-07-2013 07:51:40, Singapore
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“Cleanest &Well Maintain Value for Money Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartment with World Class Service”

Normally when you see the picture and the actual location, it can be quite deceiving due to professional photography. When I step into the hotel room. It was like Wow! We get better deal than what we see. Everything is so well maintained. It's the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed. All the cooking appliances are there.They even have a oven. It's really a World class serviced apartment and hotel. The location about 3-5 mins to Patong beach. There is a travel agent,laundry service and a convenient store beside it. The price that I paid is really value for money.

Their service standard is world class. We call the reception and within 5 min, they will get the thing done! Never have I experience such a service during my stay with other hotel.

If I ever come to Phuket again, I won't want to look into other hotel. BYD Lofts is definitely the choice I will go for.
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