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23-07-2013 00:22:16, Brighton
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“Finally a stay at BYD Lofts”

Finally and after years of reading the great reviews on tripadvisor, we have eventually stayed at BYD Lofts. Our stay from the 27th June to the 1st July 2013 was an excellent short stay. Having a penthouse room S501 across the road did at first put me off having to think of crossing the road to access the pool,restaurant and pool amenities was no big deal. It sits in a nice fairly quite street laundry service next door food shops,massage & hairdressing all a stones throw away. Easy access to everything even O-top markets wasn,t that long a walk for us.

To all the great BYD team who do there job so well thank you for a memorable stay. Even enjoyed the Mercedes Benz to take us down to the O-top markets for a cheap 200 baht one day. Our apartment spacious and furnished nicely made us felt like we where at home. Having never stayed at such a small complex like BYD Loft we did feel like the breakfast was limited to choice but could not complain about the spread anyway. The only thing my daughter missed was a gym. So we would have no hesitation in recommending this place to anyone.
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