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mike h
23-07-2013 00:29:01, Amsterdam
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“Little oasis in hectic Patong”

Stayed here for almost a week, 2 nights longer than originally planned due to the fact that i liked it so much. As long as you know that Patong is not a place to go for solitude and serenity then BYD will not dissapoint, even though it is ideally located being not too far away from the center of town but yet far so you can actually enjoy some peace and quiet.
The rooms are all very nice (I checked out rooms in both buildings as i had friends staying in the building opposite my room). Modern & well equipped, it was a pity that the sound system wasn't conncected though as the speaker cables had been disconnected (maybe on purpose....?)
Apart from this tiny little flaw i cannot fault BYD in any way. Good food, friendly service and one thing i REALLY loved was the fact that for 200 Baht you can take the hotel car (a beautiful new Mercedes-Benz) anywhere in Patong.
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