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23-07-2013 01:55:53, Singapore
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“As everyone' excellent!”

Just came back from a 5 night stay at BYD Lofts (couple and a 15 month baby). The staff did everything they could to make our stay comfortable (special thanks to Kek from the frontdesk, Luck from housekeeping). And the ladies at the breakfast were lovely...taking care of our kiddo, entertaining him and making small chat with him.

The location is in a quieter and saner side of Patong. And if one craves the insanity, it is only a 12 min walk away! As for the rooms, they are exactly how you see them on the website - very modern and comfortable. Room service is super quick (never took more than 10 min) and delicious.

This is the only place in Phuket I am staying in the future!
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