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23-07-2013 02:02:49, San Francisco, California
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“5 Star hotel and 5 Star Service”

I stayed at BYD Lofts last year and was so satisfied I stayed there again this year. To my surprise, we got the same room we stayed in last year which is the 160 square meter, 2-bedroom, 2-bath room (same room number.) Once again, everything was perfect! The room is large and modern with modern amenities. The patio wraps around and offers a large outdoor seating area. I love the floor to ceiling windows. The rooftop pool is cold and quiet and offers poolside service (although you have to use the phone to call in your order.)

I'm happy to see they have installed a TV in the 2nd bedroom which was not there last year. The kitchen is functional but the microwave couldn't get enough juice to make popcorn. I love the flatscreen TV's, the bose surround system, the large couch, everything is perfect at this place.

The restaurant and bar are just as nice. We got to meet Hans, one of the owners who is a very nice gentleman.

Great place to stay. The only drawback is that there are no views other than the other adjacent buildings. Still, I will be staying here next year!
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