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30-07-2013 23:08:18, Al Ain
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“Probably the best hotel I have stayed in”

I am currently working in the Dubai area, so I know a thing or two about 7-star hotels. While BYD is not a 7-star hotel, I believe it has the feel of one. I felt welcomed the moment I got there. The one-bedroom apartment I was in, was immaculate. They are located near the beach, so once you settle in, you can just go. Also, within walking distance, are many dining establishments on a very lively street in case you don't want to take advantage of BYD's restaurant. As for the price, BYD was a little pricier than others in the area, but I got what I paid for. The worst part of my stay, was that I did not stay longer.
I will be bringing my family next time.
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