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05-08-2013 03:01:14, Adelaide
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We stayed here with our 1 year old daughter for 12 nights and it couldn't have been more perfect. The kitchenette allowed us to clean & prepare bottles and food in our room, which would have been a pain in a hotel with no such facilities. Staff always accommodated our needs and adored our daughter who we nicknamed 'Queen' as she was treated like one everywhere we went in Patong! The room was impeccably clean and very light and modern. The bed was comfy and huge! Our daughter slept well in the cot provided. The bedroom could be closed off with sliding doors which helped our baby stay asleep during her day naps.A/c facilities worked brilliantly. The swimming pool wasn't great for us as it does not cater for young children.

We will be staying here again- worth every cent. We usually travel on a budget of $20-$60 a night throughout Asia but decided to treat ourselves (plus never having travelled with our baby before) and don't regret the decision to stay somewhere a bit more luxurious.
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