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James F
14-08-2013 05:31:24, Hua Hin
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“BYD Lofts Revisited”

This is my second review of BYD Lofts, the last being in October 2011. See link below: 0-d642305-r119089695-BYD_ Lofts_Boutique_Hotel_Serv iced_Apartments-Patong_Ph uket.html

The studio rooms across the road from the main building are now completed, more on them later.

This time I had one night in the 1bedroom apartment in the main building, and 4 nights in the newly finished studios.

So what has changed at BYD Lofts? Only the new rooms. The levels of service, appointments in the rooms, cleanliness, professionalism of the staff, welcome of the staff, restaurant (food, service, choice and price) all remain absolutely superb.

Of note, considering the highly transitory work force that comprises the Thai hospitality industry, were many of the same faces from October 2011, indicating a happy and stable staff. This is paramount in providing a high level of service and welcome.

Things I noticed this time that were not so apparent last time were the time taken by the cleaning staff in the rooms, and the level of supervision. Having moved out of the 1 bedroom apartment in the main building on my second day, to a room straight across into a studio room I noted the staff enter and clean my recently vacated room. They were in there an hour, and ensured the room was spotless for the next guests. Also that linen and towels seem to be changed out (old for new stock) regularly, and the date of the new items is sewn on the tag. (Ok so I notice things... it doesn't really make me OCD.)

The new Studios would be my choice of stay in the future. Smaller than the one bedroom units, they none the less have separate bedrooms from the lounge, the same high level of fit out and comfort, and to my mind are a more practical and useable space. Unless you really need a large room for ball room dancing or the like, the Studios are damn near perfect for a single or couple visitor.

The downside: BYD Lofts continues to receive excellent reviews and is only a smallish boutique hotel. As such even in the wet/off season rooms are in high demand and it will pay to book well in advance to secure a room. Get in early.

My thanks and best wishes to BYD Lofts for another great stay, and I hope you have room for me again in the future!
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