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BYD Lofts art hotel

"Everything you can imagine is real."

Pablo Picasso

At BYD Lofts, we highly value the experience our guests get at our hotel. This is the reason why we have taken even this small detail into the consideration and strive to make it an experience. There is a unique art gallery at Patong Beach namely, ‘Phuket Modern Art’. It is unusual in that, unlike a conventional gallery, it is spread through the public areas of the luxurious ‘BYD Lofts’ apartment buildings.

The gallery is splash of brilliant color illuminating several areas of these glamorous buildings. Initially, it was intended to decorate just the lobby of the BYD Lofts, but these paintings proved to be so wildly popular that BYD Lofts has become the center of the artistic activity, spreading the colorful paintings from the lobby to the restaurant, hallways and stairways. Let us introduce you to SUTHIRAK, an experienced artist who has experimented with many art styles over his long artistic career.

His creative urge has led him into experimental original work that reached full-flowering with his current, highly popular and distinctive style. It is characterized by heavily applied layers of paint, reminiscent of the “painterly style”, using brush and trowel and splashing.

The favor of bold, bright primary colors as well as sensuous, erotic, delicate work, resulted in dynamic, exciting original art, which is highly distinctive and in great demand! If you are interested in art and the distinctive as well as exciting style of SUTHIRAK, you are more than welcome to visit us and see yourself what the excitement is about.