Freedom Beach

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Freedom Beach - Sunshine, white sand and turquoise blue seas.

This idyllic gem of pristine coastline nestled between the vast luscious jungle south of Patong beach, paradise beach and Karon beach, a mere 15 mins away from BYD loft situated on the west coast of Phuket.

An exciting walk on foot or do it the Island way and take a traditional wooden longtail boat to this perfectly hidden Phuket beach location, after all a little adventure never hurts anyone. Apart from being the perfect Instagram spot, the northern side of this beach also nurtures a vast amount of spectacular marine life, ideal for snorkelling.

If relaxing is part of your ideal Phuket getaway, freedom beach is the perfect spot. Unlike the majority of beaches in Phuket, it does not allow motorised sports equipment, so the relaxing sound of crashing waves will be your only distraction.

If beach life is your idea of heaven, then freedom beach is definitely one of the best contenders for “Phuket’s Best Kept Secret.”

At this superb hidden beach, you will find a small restaurant located at the back of the cove, serving up delightful light snacks and tasty lunches. If throwing a beach towel down is not your idea of sunbathing comfort, you will find sun loungers for hire .

Freedom beach is a sublime romantic picnic venue for special occasions. Arrive early, and you will find a secluded beach all to yourself, the perfect location for a winning proposal. Arrive later on the day to take joy in an array of splendid family-friendly activities, such as beach volleyball or football. Another opportunity to spend memorable time with those dear to you.

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