Phuket’s Food Culture – all about the food

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All about food

Phuket has always been a melting pot of Thailand, with centuries of interaction and integration of other cultures and Thai culture. So it comes as no surprise that the mixture of cultures has extended to food as well, which in turn, over time, has transformed Phuket into a culinary centre of southern Thailand. This vibrant island can offer you with a wide variety of cuisines ranging from the Malay food coming in from the south to the Chinese dishes that came with the immigrants, along with being one of the best places in the country to enjoy fresh seafood.

The most common type of cuisines you will find in Phuket is traditional southern Thai dishes that focus on the usage of spices, which makes this type of food not only taste incredibly spicy but also possess strong aroma. We urge you to give these dishes a try as it could be your once in a lifetime experience. An example of the most famous southern dish is ‘Massaman Curry’ — a dish that allows you to taste the creamy sweet curry and smell the aromatic coconut milk while perfectly hiding the oily texture of coconut milk. Another prime culinary attraction of Phuket would be seafood, served to you fresh from the sea. You can find a wide variety of seafood in Phuket from the more simple boiled crabs or prawn to the more sophisticated fish dishes that will leave you wanting more.

Moreover, we have picked out some of the ‘must-visit’ destinations for you so that you can have it all. One of them would be the Rawai Beach, which is the prime location you can visit on your culinary trip, or on occasion that you are just hungry. This beach has many waterfront restaurants that serve you fresh delicious seafood and strollers that sell street food at affordable prices. Another place to visit would be Chalong Night Market, where you can find some of the best street food in Phuket Town along with delicacies that many deemed to be very ‘special’.