BYD Lofts Boutique hotel Phuket Thailand – Book direct and benefit now

Do you want to experience a different thing during your next holiday?
Why don’t change from a conventional accommodation to something more oriented designed which gives you more privacy? Boutique Hotel is an answer Nowadays, regardless of the unstable situation of the global economy, boutique hotels still remain overwhelming. The term “Boutique Hotel” or commonly known as “Lifestyle Hotel”, has become known to the public since many years ago and it’s getting more and more popular each year.

In general, boutique hotels are associated with an oriented and customised design and contain no more than 100 rooms because their size is relatively small to ensure an unforgettable experience. And because of its intimate size, the boutique hotel produces its characteristic personal feeling and heady ambience. These small luxury hotels highly appeal to the clients as they offer a very modern and executive experience within a trendy environment.

The boutique hotels are decorated in a themed and inspirational style. The popularity of the boutique concept has prompted some multi-national hotel companies to try and capture a market share. And many world hotel brands have also entered into this sector which the chains also offer all of the advantages like other hotels such as loyalty programs or standards. In addition, the lifestyle hotels can also be found in various resort destinations with exotic amenities such as electronics, spas, yoga and/or meditation class.

At this moment, the lifestyle hotel market is greatly competitive so most of the hotels have to keep the whole boutique experience in mind as well as quality and personalized service in order to be different and stand out from the others.

As Thailand is one of the most famous world destinations, an ever-growing selection of boutique hotels can be found in every touristic landmark all over the country and Phuket is also one of kind that offers a memorable experience from a variety of both international chains and independent owned small luxury hotels provided around this wonderful island. There are many choices for you to choose.

However, you should keep in mind the factors to consider when it comes to choose a boutique hotel for you next stay. Make sure that the hotel keeps the overall experience of a boutique hotels and it also provides quality and customized service.

BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments in Phuket is a distinctive lifestyle hotel among its competitors. You will have a truly remarkable service within the inspiring environment, a vision of sophisticated and contemporary luxury experience created by BYD Lofts. For your next holiday in Phuket, Thailand, try a boutique hotel, a true challenge to enjoy your quality time with yourself and/or your loved one.

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