BYD Lofts – Luxury hotel – Sleep Within Luxury Linens

You may believe there’s nowhere better than home when it comes to the comforts of your bed, but at BYD Lofts, you’ll find every stress of reality melt away when you climb into bed. Find 5-star opulence and luxury within our Egyptian cotton, 400-thread count sheets, down feather pillows and duvets.

As top-notch bedding climbs the list of travellers’ “must-haves”, we at BYD Lofts strive to surpass your greatest expectations. Egyptian cotton is extremely popular due to its superiority to other cottons — the plant type used to create Egyptian-grown cotton results in extra long fibres, which in turn creates threads much thinner and smaller than their counterparts due to their longer length. Thus these smaller threads of yarn give you a more luxurious fabric that is stronger and lighter and also breathes well. Sleeping in a bed tailored to your supreme comfort is an unforgettable experience — slip into your dreams and wake up in one when you join us at BYD Lofts.