Phuket Hotel Deals with BYD Lofts Serviced Apartments

With Phuket’s balmy temperatures, fabulous beaches, exciting adventures and delectable food. BYD Lofts is thrilled to offer an opportunity to take more than just a quick taste of the island, with our new offer for long term stays Phuket hotel deals (1 month or more) at as much as a 55% discount!

Savvy travelers seeking to escape reality for a month or more, are blessed with an amazing chance to explore the local Thai, Phuket and local culture, and get the true experience of this fascinating country. Plus, you’ll never miss the comforts of home while living in Phuket. At BYD Lofts, you’ll end memorable days by climbing into bed for 5-star opulence and luxury within our Egyptian cotton, 400-thread count sheets, down feather pillows and duvets. As a premium boutique hotel, the details matter at BYD Lofts. And with our top-notch bedding, we strive to surpass your greatest expectations.

Contact our team to plan your experience. And to make your travel plans even easier to make, we’ve added a few suggestions to make packing for a long term stay a breeze, and your holiday blissful!

Prepare for Your Long Term Stay

  • Plan for the right trip! Phuket’s days are filled with relaxed moments at the beach, but for the night bring out your “summer chic” wardrobe to match the island’s glamorous vibe.
  • Sort the clothes you’ve picked into outfits, and then set aside the pieces can mix and match. Toss the items that only go with one other thing in your suitcase, as they’ll just take up valuable space!
  • A good rule of thumb is 10 to 15 pieces of clothing, which can create 20 or more outfit combinations.
  • Phuket’s easy lifestyle doesn’t require a lot of shoes – bring a casual pair you don’t mind wearing out for the day. Also some dressy sandals for night. If you have to bring more than sandals, make sure to take advantage of the space inside to store all those small odds and ends.

Take a Virtual Tour of BYD Lofts

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